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Bobak’s Sausage Adds Chicago's Favorite Flavors to Your Home Cooking

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CHICAGO -- September 18, 2023 -- Enjoy the best of Chicago sausage in your own home as Bobak Sausage Company unveils a delectable new lineup of six sausage flavors at grocery stores in the greater Chicagoland area. Elevate your culinary adventures with the tantalizing selection of Bobak’s Maxwell Polish, Bobak’s Smoked Polish, Bobak’s Smoked Brat, Bobak’s Smoked Cheddar, Bobak’s Mild Italian, and Bobak’s Beef Polish. The Bobak story takes root in the vibrant tapestry of Chicago's culinary history beginning in 1964 when Frank Bobak, an immigrant to Chicago from Poland, began making sausage in his Southside home. From these origins, Bobak’s sausages became the centerpiece of its operation. Today, the company remains fully committed to producing high-quality sausages made in small batches using family recipes from the old world. Its products will feature a new look for the brand, recognizing it as a Chicago institution. The Bobak’s brand is not just a name, it is part of a cherished chapter of Chicago's culinary heritage. At the heart of the company’s products is a passionate dedication to preserving the essence of Chicago's most beloved sausage traditions. Stan Bobak explains, “The Bobak’s brand has a rich history going back over 50 years in Chicago. Our family came to the US with a dream, and our commitment to the Bobak’s brand is part of the ongoing realization of that dream.” Graced by many extraordinary moments, such as the unforgettable occasion when Pope John Paul II relished the taste of Bobak’s sausages during his iconic 1979 Chicago visit, the Bobak legacy of uncompromising quality and authenticity continues to delight all sausage-loving consumers. As Bobak Sausage Company embarks on this updated journey to bring beloved flavors into your homes, Stan and his team invite you to savor and celebrate the distinct tastes and traditions that define Bobak's sausage. “We’ve been enthusiastically embraced by retail grocery stores across Chicago. Look for our updated packages and flavors in the refrigerated section at your grocery,” said Stan. To explore our exquisite range of sausages and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Chicago's culinary heritage, please visit and find a retail outlet near you. About Bobak Sausage Company Bobak Sausage Company, deeply rooted in Chicago's culinary heritage since 1967, continues to shine as a beacon of authentic sausage flavor. Crafted right here in Chicago, its line of sausages, including Maxwell Polish, Polish, Smoked Brat, Smoked Cheddar, Mild Italian, and Beef Polish, is available at select grocery stores. Find out more about the company’s history and where to buy at #Media ContactAlisha Dickinson | | 312-612-0283 x 702

Sep 18, 2023

September 18, 2023

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