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Available at retail stores throughout Illinois and Indiana


The BOBAK Story

Bobak Sausage is a Chicago-based company that’s been located on the southside of Chicago for over 50 years. At Bobak’s, we take sausage seriously. That’s why every one of our sausage makers has their Ph. D. in Sausageology! Well before we opened our company doors, sausage was being made by the Bobak family in their basement and smoked in their garage. It wasn’t until the fire department showed up that the thought of opening a store came to mind. The rest of the story is history!

We opened a small storefront in the Back of the Yards neighborhood back in 1967. As business grew our small storefront couldn’t keep up with demand and we relocated to Archer Heights in 1989, we operated out of that facility for 26 years! In 2015, our manufacturing capacity was reached again and we moved to our current facility in West Garfield Park. Over the years we have grown into a leading sausage manufacturer that continues to grow.

Today, there’s no stopping the hard-working Masters of Sausageology!

Old Plant4_Retouched.jpg

Bobak Sausage's First Factory Location at 1100 W. 41 PL. Chicago, IL

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