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How To Create A Great Sausage

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

The history of meat processing is a tale lost in the annals of time. Historians believe it began when humanity discovered that salt could effectively preserve meat. Sausage making, in its infancy, was an attempt to economize and conserve meat that couldn't be consumed fresh. With today’s refrigeration, this is not an issue, but sausages have found a comfortable place in modern living, serving as an elegant appetizer for gatherings and a quick-and-easy meal option.

In the craft of sausage making, a commitment to quality paralleled the meticulous selection of grapes in winemaking. The core process of stuffing meat into casings remains largely unaltered to this day, but sausage recipes have evolved into a highly respected culinary art form.

The quality of the finished product hinges on the quality of its ingredients and the skill of the sausage maker. Bobak’s sausage experts have been making sausage for nearly 50 years and understand at a very deep level every detail of how to do it right. Fresh, high-quality meat with the right lean-to-fat ratio, binding properties, and a pristine production environment are essential. The selection and proper blending of spices and seasonings play a crucial role, ensuring harmonious flavor profiles. Natural casings seal in the delicious flavors.

Smoking extends their shelf life, infuses a smoky flavor, and enhance their appearance. This process also fixes the sausage's color and locks in the meaty mouth-watering flavors within the natural casing.

The delicious convenience of sausage is what has made it one of the most popular products in the world. Our part of that world is Chicago, so whenever you are in this part of the world, we invite you to try the deliciousness of a Bobak’s Sausage. A Chicago Institution!

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