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Deli Meats


Smoked Pork Loin 

Smoked Pork Loin Image.jpg

Made from whole muscle pork loins that are hand trimmed. Great for breakfast or on your favorite sandwich. Hardwood smoked for an authentic European taste.

Cooking Instructions:

This product is fully cooked, so there is no need to cook it; slice and enjoy!


Krakow Sausage 

If you didn't already guess where this sausage gets its name, it's named after the City in Poland! Our Sausageologists keep the old world traditions alive by continuing to utilize original recipes for products and this is one of them! With lean cuts of pork seasoned with a blend of spices and naturally smoked you get a deli meat with an old world flavor!

Cooking Instructions:

This naturally hardwood smoked sausage is fully cooked and ready to eat, no need to cook this sausage!

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