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Smoked Polish Sausage
For over 50 years, we've been making this delicious Smoked Polish Sausage. Today, it remains one of our most beloved products because it tastes like home. Especially if your home is near The Polonia Triangle on the Southside of Chicago. Perfectly seasoned and packed with old world Polish flavor. Take a juicy bite and savor the flavor of your favorite backyard smokers. All our products are gluten free with no msg or trans fat.


Maxwell Smoked Polish Sausage
Maxwell Street is an icon in the heart of Chicago's original Polish neighborhood. Friends would gather for delicious homemade food, frosty adult beverages and colorful conversations. In the middle of it all, a Maxwell Polish Sausage on a fresh-baked roll dripping with stone ground mustard and grilled onions. Today, Bobak's Maxwell Polish is an authentic taste of the old country with an unmistakable Chicago accent.


These Brats may look a little funny, but once you taste them it will not be a laughing matter because they're so delicious. These Old World style German Style Bratwurst, are cooked, not smoked, giving them their color. They are sure to be a hit, especially with a splash of mustard and a hearty helping of kraut.


The best beef hot dog, right here. Bobak's Premium Beef Franks are the most tender and juicy 100% Pure Beef Frank you will find! We don't use fillers in these franks, that's a no-no. We wouldn't dare try and ruin something so great! These franks are in a natural casing so they have the traditional snap you expect from a frank.


Bobak's Jumbo Veal Franks takes everything you expect veal to be; tender, juicy, tasty, and makes it even better by making sure it is 100% milk-fed veal, and then we JUMBO size it so you can enjoy it, even more, when you have it! It's perfect on the grill and has a similar texture to a hot dog with a natural casing and naturally, hardwood smoked!

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